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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2017-10-16T02:35:06+00:00
Do you have fundraisers other than your concerts?2017-10-16T03:29:53+00:00

We are always looking for new ways to help fund the group.  We are open to fundraiser ideas and are currently pursuing some interesting propositions.  We will post all fundraisers we have planned on our Events page so check back often!

Will you perform at my party/event?2017-10-16T03:29:32+00:00

Both large and small groups can be available for private concerts.  Advanced notice is required as the Singers are all volunteers and many have busy lives outside the group.  In the past we have performed at schools, the 4th of July parade, at holiday parties, and much more.

How can I help the Park City Singers?2017-10-16T03:29:07+00:00

There are many ways to help out the Park City Singers.  You can donate money, volunteer to help at concerts, help find sponsors, assist with publicity, and much more.  If you’re interested in helping please contact us. You don’t have to sing with us to help out!

Are you a church/religious choir?2017-10-16T03:28:36+00:00

The Park City Singers is not affiliated with any particular church or religious organization.  All are welcome to sing with us.  Please understand we do sing some Christmas and religious songs at times but we also strive to incorporate music from many cultures and religions in our programs.  If you have suggestions for songs please Contact Us.

When is your next concert?2017-10-16T03:27:44+00:00

Check out our Performances & Events page for the latest info.  Also keep your eyes open for announcements in the Park Record as well as signs around town.

Do I have to be able to read music?2017-10-16T02:37:29+00:00

The ability to read music is not a requirement but is useful.  We have members who sing with operas and members who haven’t sung in many years.

Do I have to audition?2017-10-16T02:36:30+00:00

The Park City Singers is a non-audition community choir.  Auditions are held for solos and small group pieces but anyone who can carry a tune is welcome to join us.

How do I join the Park City Singers?2019-08-13T14:21:10+00:00

We are always looking for new singers and musicians to join the Singers.  All you really need to do is start coming to rehearsals!  We do encourage you to contact us beforehand as it is sometimes so far into the season that you’d be better off waiting.  There is a $45/season fee to help cover the costs of running the group.  Feel free to drop us an e-mail by clicking Contact  Us.

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