Katy Lillquist Accompanist
Katy Lillquist has been part of the Park City Community for 30 years. She moved here in 1991 with her husband, Dean, and daughter, Anna. Her son, John, was born in here. They live in the Silver Springs neighborhood.
While Katy’s B.A. degree is in Mathematics, she chose to study at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota because of its internationally renowned music program. Her initial intention was to major in music, but she switched to mathematics after considering career opportunities in both fields. However, she continued to study music.
Katy’s accompanying experience includes accompanying her high school choir, her daughter’s high school choir (PCHS), and the Park City Community Church choir. Most recently Katy took on the role as music director and keyboardist for the Park City Follies.
Other community activities Katy enjoys are serving on the KPCW Board of Trustees, trail running, mountain biking, skiing, attending Mountain Town Music concerts, spending time at Lucky Ones Coffee (where her daughter works), and simply spending time with family and friends.