About the Park City Singers Choir

The Park City Singers (PCS) choir represents a cross-section of the community. The desire to sing and create goodwill, the ability to carry a tune, and a commitment to rehearsals and performances is all that is needed to be welcomed into the choir.

PCS educates its members through new literature, interpretation of a wide variety of musical styles, basic musicianship, as well as an appreciation for the varying cultures and viewpoints represented in the repertoire. Members learn to work collectively and refine their performance skills. Through this fellowship, members meet in an inviting atmosphere where they can define their roles as contributors to the welfare of the community.

Audiences share in the educational exposure to various artistic styles and cultures while gaining appreciation for the arts as something the “common man” can celebrate and master. PCS benefits the community by bringing together men, women, and young people from different walks of life to find harmony, commonality, and enjoyment through the arts. PCS serves as a melting pot by helping new residents feel welcome and affording opportunities to socialize.

The Park City Singers serve as ambassadors, meeting & greeting guests and introducing visitors to the richness of both traditional and diverse American & International compositions. The repertoire is constantly expanding and includes songs from numerous nations, cultures, and religions, selections from muscial theatre, popular music from the current culture, and “standards” from past decades.

Both small and large groups of singers are available for worthy fundraising events, conventions, private concerts, and business affairs. Please contact us for details.

Park City Singers thanks its supporters Arts and Parks and acknowledges the public for its support of RAP.